Hello folks! Been a while since the last Copper Bottle newsletter. I've been silent both here and on socials because we've been frantically busy cooking up stuff in the kitchen.

But things are about to get VERY LOUD indeed!

First, though, a brief update on what I've been up to.

-I've been writing Spider-Men. SO MANY SPIDER-MEN! In addition to penning Miles Morales' adventures every month, I'm dipping in for some issues of AMAZING SPIDER-MAN as part of the Ben Reily-centered BEYOND era. But I'm also writing a new series at Marvel, SPINE-TINGLING SPIDER-MAN! It's a horror-tinged book starring Peter Parker, and the art by the unfathomably good Juan Ferrerya is MINDBLOWING.

-ABBOTT: 1973 is in stores! The second volume of ABBOTT, my Hugo & Stoker-nominated creator-owned series with Sami Kivela, 1973 finds the best reporter in Detroit desperately dueling a council of wizards for the fate of the city on the eve of a historic election. And then things get personal.

-I've been generally avoiding media stuff due to personal bandwidth but I couldn't resist the chance to go toe-to-toe with the wonderful writer and journalist Talia Lavin for the trivia podcast GO FACT YOURSELF. As expected I was soundly thrashed, but I got to meet Skeletor and Tasha Yar so it was worth it.

What I'm REALLY here to tell you, though, is that we are about to go into overdrive here at Copper Bottle. TERRORWAR drops later this month, short stories are on the way, and LATER TODAY we'll be surprise-launching a brand-new, thus-far-unannounced series. Watch this space by subscribing!

With the flurry of comics on the way we're also changing our subscription model. Put as simply as possible: all comics on Copper Bottle will be free to read.

The reason is simple: We want these stories to be read by as many people as possible. We want them to be shared and talked about. That happens more easily with free work, especially in an environment where so many people are struggling so hard for basics that even a few bucks a month for comics is a luxury.

How long this will be possible is a bit of an experiment. The long-term sustainability of our comics will be dependent on paid subscribers who feel it's worth a few bucks a month to support good, original work that's actually owned by the people (mostly POC & women) who make it. We’re banking on that support.

We'll absolutely have some cool exclusives for paid subscribers -- behind the scenes posts with process images, interviews, sneak peaks. Commenting will be available exclusively to paid subscribers. And we're scheming on other rewards. But mostly I’m just betting that my readers are the sorts of folks who will chip in what they can to get work they support and enjoy out there to as many people as possible.

You can subscribe to Copper Bottle HERE - and watch that inbox for our first comics drop!