Hello folks! Things are crazy here at Copper Bottle as we gear up for a big October full of new comics -- more on which very soon! In the meantime, a quick update on my work in other corners:

Marvel has announced their December titles, and it's a busy month for me at the House of Ideas: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #81 & #82 drop alongside MILES MORALES: SPIDER-MAN #33, forming a story web (see what I did there) that connects three Spider-Men. Can say very little about this except that there are some awesome 'big moments' and crazy reveals on the way!

We've also had some big casting announcements on BATMAN UNBURIED, the narrative podcast I'm writing and executive producing alongside an amazing team of collaborators. Winston Duke as Bruce Wayne! Hasan Minhaj as the Riddler! Lots more behind the link.

ABBOTT: 1973, the second volume of my 1970s Detroit horror-noir, is headed to shops just in time for spooky season! Out in October from BOOM!, available for preorder now!

And ICYMI, last week I posted my first subscribers-only content: an in-depth interview about the War on Terror and superheroes with Pulitzer-winning journalist Spencer Ackerman.

As a heads up, while brief updates like this will continue to be free, most Copper Bottle content going forward will be exclusively for paid subscribers. If you're already subscribing, THANK YOU. We've got some cool teases on the way before we go into high gear publishing next month!